Donations to EHI are tax-deductible. It received recognition from the IRS as a public charity, under IRC sec. 501(c)(3), on September 19, 2008--as the "Center for Social Welfare under the American Constitutions" (CSWAC). (The organization adopted the trade name "Equitable Housing Institute" in 2010 (see certificate below).)

  • To view the IRS Ruling Letter, CLICK HERE.
  • To view the certificate of EHI's trade name, issued by the Fairfax County government on Oct. 29, 2010, CLICK HERE.
  • To view the acknowledgement by the Virginia State Corporation Commission of filing of that certificate on Nov. 2, 2010, CLICK HERE.

(Please note that we have omitted the organization's street address and EIN on web copies of documents.)

EHI is committed to minimizing administrative and fundraising expenses. In fact, EHI uses donations from persons not affiliated with it solely for its investigations, reports, advocacy and other programs directly promoting affordable housing. No part of those donations goes toward administrative or fundraising expenses.

EHI’s latest financial summary statement is for calendar year 2018. To see that document, please click on 2018 FINANCIAL SUMMARY

To guard against conflicts of interest, EHI has a written Conflict of Interest Policy that has been accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. Each Director and Officer must sign a financial disclosure statement annually in accordance with that Policy.

  • To view the organization's Articles of Incorporation (2005), CLICK HERE.
  • To view the organization's Certificate of Incorporation (Va. 2005), CLICK HERE.
  • To view the organization's Articles of Amendment (2008), CLICK HERE.