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by combating exclusionary housing policies"


Progress Along Dulles Rail Corridor


Planned housing growth has increased markedly in future transit station areas (TSAs) along the new commuter rail line (Metrorail Silver Line) in western Fairfax County, Virginia, from Reston to the Dulles Airport Area, since EHI got involved in early 2011. Those planning efforts had been ongoing for a year or more before EHI provided input. 


At least 15,840 additional housing units have been put into the planning stage for the Reston and Route 28-South TSAs, for development by 2040. That’s more than half the total number of new, planned housing units in those TSAs, which are key growth areas of the Washington, DC, region.  Furthermore, at least 1,900 of those units—and perhaps upwards of 2,775 units—will be required to be affordable to low- and moderate-income people, consistent with Fairfax County’s Workforce Housing Policy. 


Increased production of market-rate housing units helps reduce the cost of housing for low- and moderate-income people, as well as more production of specifically “affordable” units. Increased market-rate housing can moderate housing costs a great deal in an area such as Fairfax County, where true housing demand far exceeds supply.


The increases in planned housing in those TSAs are due in no small measure to EHI’s advocacy. For a summary of progress in Reston, CLICK HERE. For a summary of progress in the Route 28 station area, CLICK HERE.