Pursuing “win/win” solutions with current residents, to resolve concerns about permitting needed, new housing in their area

Residents’ resistance to permitting new housing in their area is probably the chief, underlying obstacle to creating enough housing in the right places, suitable for the low- and moderate-income people who need it. That resistance—often called NIMBY (“Not In My Back Yard”) sentiment—is quite powerful, because the local officials responsible for decisions on housing issues are either elected by those residents, or appointed by elected officials.

Any new housing development, or any other land use that has potential side-effects on existing residents, will get a predictable response from those residents: “How will the development impact me and my family?”

EHI has analyzed the deficiencies of governmental land use planning that result in housing shortages and excessive housing costs. A central problem is the failure to plan for a true balance of jobs and suitable housing opportunities in a community. For more, please click on EHI ANALYSIS OF JOBS-HOUSING REPORT.